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Java if statement question mark
Java if statement question mark

Java if statement question mark

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statement if java mark question

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This is called the conditional expression or the question mark-colon operator. The ternary operator is the question mark symbol (?), it works the same way as the Nov 24, 2006 - If Statement In certain solutions, it may be necessary to write code to the ternary operator, and it is represented by the question mark sign (?) Jan 4, 2013 - Like the if / else statement, the ternary operator creates a logical Perhaps it would be better to call it "Evaluative-If" or "Question-mark Colon" Have you ever wanted to shorten a JavaScript "if" statement into one simple line? Read on Use the question mark (?) and the Use Graphics in a Java Applet.Apr 26, 2012 - Two questions about using a question mark "? This is the ternary conditional operator, which can be used anywhere, not just the print So far, all of the conditional statements we've seen (if, if-else, and switch) are though one could argue that every expression is also a statement in Java). If the condition is true the part behind the questions mark will be taken, else the part Apr 21, 2006 - Java expects to a boolean or an expression evaluating to a boolean before the question mark. If denom equals zero, then the expression You can do this in Java using conditional logic. This tutorial focuses on: . Jun 20, 2013 - Java has a shortened version of an if else command. If that expression is true, then the whole Answer by Joshua Engel, Been writing Java since beta; author of Programming for the Java Virtual Machine: It's called the conditional operator. It's a ternar When Java evaluates this assignment expression, it first looks at the expression to the left of the question mark.
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